If you live in a small apartment and are thinking about getting a dog, you need to consider if the breed is a good fit for apartment life. Large, active dogs usually do better in a home with a fenced-in yard since they need to have access to an area to be active during the day. Breeds with a strong protective instinct often bark when they hear your neighbors coming and going, which may annoy them. Finding the right breed of dog will make sure you and your dog are happy.

One breed that's great for apartment life is the Schnoodle, which is a mix between a Poodle and a Schnauzer. They can vary in size and appearance depending on what their parents looked like, but they're typically small and have short, fluffy coats. While they do need regular exercise, they're a great choice if you live in an apartment. To learn three reasons why a Schnoodle is a great dog to own when you live in a small apartment, read on.

1. Schnoodles Are Highly Intelligent and Easy to Train

Poodles are one of the most intelligent breeds of dogs, and Schnoodles share their extraordinary intelligence. Schnoodles are popular competitors in dog agility competitions for this reason. They're very easy to train and they pick up new things quickly.

Since Schnoodles are so intelligent, it's easy to train them to not bark when they hear your neighbors moving around outside. It's easiest to do this with a puppy, but you can also train an older Schnoodle to avoid barking as well. Other breeds can be more stubborn, making it difficult to teach them to not bark while you're away from home. Schnoodles' ease of training makes them a great fit for new dog owners as well since you're less likely to become frustrated while trying to teach them.

2. Miniature Schnoodles Are the Perfect Size for an Apartment

A Schnoodle that's descended from standard Poodles and Schnauzers can become quite large. However, most Schnoodles have miniature Poodles and Schnauzers as parents, so they'll be quite small when they reach full size. When you're adopting your Schnoodle, you can always ask the Schnoodle breeder about the size of the puppy's parents to get an idea of how large they'll grow.

Large dogs often don't do well living in an apartment because it can feel cramped. A miniature Schnoodle will feel much more comfortable moving around in the small space, which makes them the perfect size for apartment life.

3. Schnoodles Are Friendly Towards Other Dogs

Your apartment complex most likely has other dog owners, and you may run into them when you're taking your dog outside to go to the bathroom. Schnoodles are usually very friendly towards other dogs, especially if they've been introduced to strange dogs while they were still a puppy. A Schnoodle is more likely to want to play with the dogs they meet instead of acting aggressively towards them, which is a great benefit when you live in an apartment complex with other dog owners.

Overall, a Schnoodle is a great fit when you live in an apartment. It's easy to train them to not bark during the day, which will make sure they don't annoy the neighbors. Their small size also enables them to get around the apartment easily.

Contact a Schnoodle breeder in your area for more info.