When it comes to cats, most people have very strong opinions one way or the other. Those that love them can sometimes struggle to figure out which breed they should get for their first cat, after all, there are so many different types, how do you narrow it down to just one breed? There is no universal choice, but for most cat lovers, ragdoll kittens make great introductory cats, and those that get them often never look back and continue to get more for the rest of their life. Here are a few different reasons why ragdoll kittens are perfect introductory cats. 

Not As Stand-Offish As Some Cats

Cats have a reputation for being quite stand-offish to some people, but this is usually just their independent demeanor and not a slight on anyone in particular. However, ragdoll kittens do not share that same disposition to be as independent as they possibly can, but rather they are quite sociable. They love to be around you and follow you around the house. They enjoy being fawned over and they can be quite affectionate themselves. If you want a cat that shows their love to you in more than just the occasional purr, then ragdoll kittens are for you. 

Extremely Cuddly

There is nothing better than building up enough trust with a cat to the point where it lets you hug them, and for ragdoll kittens, this hug and all the future cuddles are quite exceptional. They are very fluffy animals that fit perfectly into your arms and are quite happy to sit there, at least for a little while. Some cats have tough fur that is more suited to the outdoors, but ragdoll kittens are certainly not among those. They are soft to the touch and love to be groomed, but will happily clean themselves as well. 

Receptive To Training

Some cats are so independent that they do not follow even the most basic of rules or training that you try to instill in them. Luckily, ragdoll cats are pushovers and enjoy pleasing you so they will follow the rules when you train them properly. Training for ragdoll kittens does not take very long and at the end of it your cat will know where it can and cannot go in your house, how to use the litterbox, and basic commands like "no" or "come here." Of course, most of the time you won't have to use these commands because ragdoll kittens are quite well-behaved and love to follow you around, but it is good to have them in case you need them. 

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