Choosing a dog for your family is an important decision because they are likely going to be around for many years. If you are considering getting a Labradoodle puppy for your family but are not sure, below is information about this dog to help you decide. You can then find a Labradoodle breeder to purchase your puppy. 

Their Temperament

Labradoodles are easy going dogs which is why they are very popular. They get along with other dogs and even cats. This is especially true if you already have a cat when you bring your Labradoodle home with you. Labradoodles get along well with all family members and do well with the elderly as well as young children. These are just some of the reasons why Labradoodles are often used as both service and therapy dogs.  

Labradoodles are not docile dogs, however, as they are fun and playful. They can be goofy at times which makes the Labradoodle entertaining for everyone in the family, as well as friends or family members that visit you. 

Their Lifestyle

Labradoodles are big dogs, but they will do well in apartments. They will do even better, however, if you have a home that has a fenced back yard. If living in an apartment you just need to give your Labradoodle a little more exercise, such as going on walks each day or a visit to a dog park. If you have a fenced in backyard, Labradoodles love to spend time playing outside.

If you work outside the home and are gone much of the day a Labradoodle will do just fine while they are alone. You should consider hiring a dog walker to give your dog a walk at least one time during the day, however. Take your Labradoodle with you everywhere they can go, such as to a pet store. Labradoodles also love to hike and swim. 

Their Care

Part of taking care of a Labradoodle is grooming them. They are fluffy dogs so consider taking them to a groomer to have regular trims. You should brush your Labradoodle at least once a day or their hair will become matted. Inspect their ears to keep them clean. Make sure their nails stay trimmed, which a groomer can do for you. It is important to take proper care of their teeth so start tooth brushing while your dog is still a puppy. 

Training your Labradoodle is also important. These are intelligent dogs, and you will find they are easy to train. Take them to a good dog trainer in your area as soon as they are old enough. They will be trained to sit, stay, leave it, roll over, to walk on the leash, and much more. 

Take your new puppy to the veterinarian soon after you bring them home to start them on their vaccination schedule.