Sometimes going to doggie daycare is more traumatic for you as the pet parent than it might be for your dog. It can be initially scary to think about sending your pup away to the care of someone else while you are on vacation or at work, school, or another activity. However, having somewhere to be and someone to watch your pup over being left at home alone is a great thing, and doggie daycare can socialize your dog in several beneficial ways.

As you get ready for your first experience at doggy daycare, you can prep yourself wisely. Here are ways to do that.

Visit facilities and staff you're considering

Great online reviews and a pleasing website are nice, but visiting the actual facilities where your dog will receive doggie daycare is best in helping you prepare for the experience. This is because being familiar with the facility and staff makes the initial doggy daycare stay less daunting. Visit facilities so you know how far they are from your home and you and your pup can become familiar with the kennels, play areas, and who will be working with your dog.

Research doggie daycare benefits

Does guilt over not being home with your pup have you feeling sad or overwhelmed? Research the benefits of doggie daycare to put you at ease. Dogs are social creatures and would rather be consistently in an environment with other dogs and people who can give them attention than being home alone. While doggie daycare isn't best for every dog, it's a great alternative to being alone and unsupervised or in a kennel at home for several hours at a time. Once you know that you're doing the right thing for your pup when you put them in doggie daycare, you can feel less guilty.

Do a trial run

You can put your dog in doggie daycare for a few hours at a time while you're home or available so you both can get used to the experience. These trial runs come in handy for allowing your dog to get used to the experience and allows you the time to get comfortable and confident leaving your canine companion in the care of someone else when you are not around.

Doggie daycare can be beneficial to both you and your pup. After the initial introduction to change wears off, the experience can even be something your pup starts to look forward to as part of their everyday routine.