Boarding your dog while you're away on vacation can be stressful for both the pet and the pet parent. Giving your dog a few fun extras while staying at a pet boarding facility can be a great way to keep his or her spirits up. Here are a few services to look for when choosing a boarding facility to give your dog a four-star stay you can both feel good about.

1. Swimming Therapy

Swimming therapy can provide a host of benefits for dogs, including fitness and body condition. It can also provide a source of relaxation for your dog, particularly if he or she enjoys taking a dip in the lake or family pool. Be sure to ask the boarding facility about safety precautions taken before putting your dog in the swimming pool. The water should be heated to an appropriate temperature, and life jackets should be made available to keep your dog safe while enjoying a few laps around the pool.

2. Grooming

Dog grooming appointments can take a considerable amount of time, so consider taking advantage of the time your dog spends at the boarding facility by setting up a dog grooming appointment for the stay. You can have your dog's nails trimmed and filed, and you can also add a full-service bath and blowout to give your dog's coat a healthy sheen. If you plan on having your dog's fur trimmed, be sure to discuss the desired look in advance so he or she gets the cut and style you both want.

3. Personal Cuddle Time

Some boarding facilities let you sign up for add-on services, and personal cuddle time can be a great option for your dog. While your dog will get the care and support needed while you are away, personal cuddle time helps your dog feel loved and reassured. Cuddle sessions are typically booked by the length of time, whether it's just a few minutes or a whole hour. If your dog seeks affection and cuddles regularly, consider this service to maintain the care he or she receives at home.

4. Outdoor Play Sessions

Ask the boarding facility how it arranges playtime for pets. You should expect that your dog will spend a certain amount of time outside of the kennel each day, but the play options available may differ from one facility to the next. Some offer daily walks or playtime outside, while others have dog-friendly obstacle courses set up for fun and exercise. If the facility doesn't have a plan for play or time outside of the kennel, you may want to look for one that does.

Choosing the right services for your dog can make staying in a pet boarding facility easier on both of you. Ask about packages and a la carte services you can add to your dog's stay, so he or she feels right at home while you're away. For more information, contact a company like Animal Care Center of Forest Park.