If you have to go out of town, chances are you won't want to leave your kitten or young cat home alone. Although older cats are sometimes fine for a day or two on their own, younger cats tend to get lonely or into mischief. Boarding is a good option for ensuring both their safety and their contentment. The following tips can help you make the right choices when boarding a young cat.

Tip #1: Make sure they have completed their initial vaccination cycle

Kittens have a lot of vaccinations that they need to receive during their first few months of life. Before boarding a young cat, verify with your vet that they have received sufficient vaccinations for immunity to the most common diseases they could come in contact with at a boarding facility. Further, make sure that the facility checks all vaccination records and doesn't allow vaccinated cats to intermingle with unvaccinated animals. Younger cats must be carefully guarded against disease until their immune system is fully developed.

Tip #2: Check into the social schedule at the boarding facility

As a general rule, kittens and young cats are more social and playful than mature cats. They need plenty of interaction during this developmental phase to ensure they are happy and well adjusted. Choose a facility that provides plenty of toys in individual kennels, as well as one that also has plenty of hands-on time with a human caregiver. Group boarding may also be suitable for your young cat, just make sure they are grouped with cats of similar age. Most young cats are social and will get along in a group kennel setting, and they are more likely to be content if they aren't left alone.

Tip #3: Consider a 24-hour care facility

Some kennels put the pets to bed at night in their own separate kennels, and then leave the animals alone until morning. This can be very stressful for a younger cat who isn't used to spending the night without their human companion. It's not uncommon for a young cat to stay up all night meowing out of loneliness. Fortunately, there are many boarding facilities that keep one or two night staff on duty to help soothe any upset animals. As an added bonus, you know that your beloved pet will be underneath a watchful eye at all times while you are away.

For more help, contact a boarding facility in your area or visit http://www.aocb.com