Human pharmacies are easy enough to open, establish and operate because people always need medicines and they need their prescriptions filled. However, it is quite a different story for pets. Some vets carry a large assortment of pet medicines such that you do not have to worry about where you get your pet's medicines, but what if your vet does not? More to the point, what if you are some distance away from a vet and you need something to treat a suspected pet illness or injury and you cannot get to a vet or pet hospital? That is when the idea of opening a pet pharmacy becomes a really great one, and here are three location choices where having and opening a pet pharmacy might prove quite profitable.

Within a Pet Supply Store

Pet supply stores already offer pets for sale and adoption, as well as pet grooming services. What they typically do not have are pet pharmacies. You could ask the pet store owner if you could rent out some space in the store to establish and open a pharmacy. It is a good marketing strategy, since both you and the pet supply store's owner can benefit from the number of customers that would come in for either supplies or medicines and purchase other pet goods out of convenience.

As Part of a Compounding Pharmacy

Compounding pharmacies frequently have their own pet medicine sections to service the medicinal needs of customers and their pets. If you have a compounding pharmacy nearby that only services humans, perhaps they would like to add a pet medicine addition. If not, you could always open a compounding pharmacy for pets next door so that consumers could conveniently pick up everything they need for themselves and their animals all in one location.

As a Stand-Alone Business in the Midst of a Rural Area

Farmers and ranchers generally have to travel several miles or wait weeks to get some medicinal supplies for their sick animals when a vet cannot be found. As such, you would be providing a much-needed service to these agricultural specialists by erecting a pet pharmacy in the midst of a rural area. Then the ranchers and/or farmers would not have quite so far to go to get what they need, nor would they have to wait several days to get medicines by mail or get temporary relief from a vet for their sick animals until more permanent treatment can be applied.

Talk to local vets, like Spring Hill Veterinary Clinic, for more ideas.